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The Basic Process

Molten steel is compressed under centrifugal force into a compact structure, and a variety of specifications of the bushing can be produced by different moulds.Get a variety of specifications of the bushing blank diameter, bushing can be concentric, also can be eccentric or with flanges, any parts of the dense full, no crack, loose after the blank for uniform temperature 1390℃ under special smelting, after rapid water toughening cooling effective heat preservation time, single austenitic organization to obtain fine grain, make the bushing to achieve the effect of strong wear-resisting

Special Smelting Technology

Used in the smelting furnace charge, high purity, to ensure the purity of high manganese steel material, adopts argon blowing refining technology and rare earth smelting process deoxidizing technique in removing impurity, remove the harmful gas and its products, erosion to metal, molten steel cleanliness, crystallization and orderly, to ensure that the Austenitic organization strength and toughness, should the user's demand, can add trace for high manganese steel kind of rare metals, such as: molybdenum, nickel, chromium, vanadium, titanium, this kind of steel is more competent for dirty work environment.

Machining Preparation

Special processing while hardening, high manganese steel bushing processing extremely difficult, the company equipped with complete sets of special processing equipment, make it quick and easy of manganese steel cutting, and to obtain a patent for invention of the bushing and bushing preparation method and device, sleeve shape variety, in addition to the ordinary tubular, can also be flanged, internal processing groove, external reserve positioning convex platform, can be eccentric sleeve, also can be ellipse sets and so on.